About us

Welcome to Sumalai Thai massage and traning center. Here the place where the heritage of thai traditional have been instucted and developed . Sumalai thai massage becomes one of the most world-wide recognized therapeutic and relaxing massage style.

Our best seller is Aroma deep tissue

- The pressure interrupts the massages for a moment and can release any stuck massages.In short your body sometimes forget it's not pain and needs to be turn off. The pressure and nice pain experienced during this treatment releases endorphins which are the bodies natural pain killers. The rush of fresh blood back into the muscle after the pressure is released bring new oxygen and nutrients encoyraging the elimination of toxins and releasing the built up tensions.

Sumalai Thonglor in bangkok is the first branch (since2001) followed by

-Arisara massage in Chiangmai
Our broad customer base include expatriates,office workers ,forgien customers who come from overseas to visit us